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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
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roots style blower

iyi kalite Yüksek Basınçlı Roots Blower satış için
iyi kalite Yüksek Basınçlı Roots Blower satış için
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In Sep. 2005, we purchased 39 sets bowers for Shenyang Fairy River Sewage Plant from B-Tohin. We certify that the blowers have been running well.

—— Shenyang Zhenxing Environment

During the operation of equipment by the B-Tohin inconsistencies have been identified, on November 22, the equipment is in good condition.

—— Sitdikov Z. Sh. of Giiron

The goods’ quality is reliable, while the after-service is timely.

—— Zhu Shuixing

The OEM representative was found to be good at what he does. The general assessment of his work is satisfactory.

—— Lafarge Cement Nigeria

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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.
Yong'an Yolu, Jiangsu Province, Yixing Şehri, Çevre Bilim ve Teknoloji Endüstri Parkı, 214205, Çin
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